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Gallic Acid (Industrial Grade)

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Product name: Gallic acid(Industrial grade)

Chemical name: 3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acid

Structural formula: C7H6O5 / 170.12 g/mol

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Product name: Gallic acid(Industrial grade)

Chemical name: 3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acid

Structural formula: C7H6O5/ 170.12 g/mol

CAS: 149-91-7

5995-86-8 (monohydrate)

Properties: This product is white or white crystalline powder, soluble in 85 parts of water, 6 parts of ethanol, 2 parts of boiling water, and slightly soluble in ether.

Quality index: The product complies with European standards (level one), Japanese national JIS standards (level one), US Pharmacopoeia 27th edition, and top quality products.

Uses / methods of use: This product is widely used in pharmaceutical, dye, chemical and organic synthesis industries, and also for the analysis of rare metals .

Storage: moisture-proof, light-proof, sealed storage

Packing: inner plastic outer woven bag, net weight 25 kg



On the basis of Type, the Gallic Acid market has been segmented into Pharma grade, food Grade, Industrial Grade, Electronic Grade. Pharma Grade dominates the global Gallic Acid owing to applications of Gallic Acid as standard for determine phenolic content of analyses in pharmaceutical products. Moreover, as an antioxidant, Gallic acid can defend the body against free radicals and oxidative damage and the anti-inflammatory properties of Gallic acid make it even more useful since numerous health ailments arise from inflammations These anti-inflammatory actions have been found to be useful against allergies too.

1. Used as astringent and internal hemostatic agent in urinary system in medicine.

2. Used to make permanent blue ink writing ink.

3. Used as operating aid in stencil printing and lithographic printing.

4. This product is used as a photographic development aid.

5. This product can be used for silver halide solution in photography to obtain long-term storage stability and eliminate the unclear problem on the negative.

6. This product is a bonding agent for cyanoacrylate adhesives.

7. Used in tanning and hair dyeing preparations.

8. This product is used as colloidal stabilizer in siding production.

9. This product is used as mordant in the production of colored paper and colored fiberboard.

10. Adding 0.01-0.04% by weight of sesquitic acid to gypsum-based building grid formula can increase its strength.

11. Used as an analytical reagent for alkaloids, metals and inorganic acids.



Industrial grade

Implementation standards

Enterprise standard



Drying loss


Residue on ignition




Water solubility

Clear without turbidity





Tannin content

Without turbidity

Production scale



Woven bag, 25kg / bag

Leshan Sanjiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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